XHTML Formatting

Format your press release just like your original document, with text styles, embedded links and more. Make your news more attractive and visible to both human readers and search engine robots.

Business Wire is the first wire service to distribute your news using XHTML (eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language), allowing you more control over the look and feel of your news: You can embed hyperlinks behind your keywords, present wider earnings tables and include underlines, bullets and superscript notations for a better end-user experience.

These features at Businesswire.com can play a key role in the search engine rankings of your news. Appropriate hyperlinks and relevant formatting such as bolded keywords and bulleted highlights in your news release may enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) and visibility of your news. Your XHTML-formatted news release will appear with its links and style features intact on a growing number of downstream sites including Yahoo! Finance, Google News, Morningstar and dozens of others.

Key Features

Key features of your press release using XHTML include:

  • Bold, italic and underlined text
  • Wider financial tables, preserving the look of your original documents
  • Control text alignment: centered headlines and subheads.
  • Bullet points
  • Superscript/subscript
  • Hyperlinked keywords/anchor text
  • Unique language font characters (e.g. é, ö, and ß)
  • Special font characters (e.g. © and ®)

Using These Features

Simply create your press release with these features in your preferred software, and then submit via Business Wire Connect. Your style features will all be retained when your news is transmitted.