Meet the SEC mandate for XBRL reporting with world-class XBRL tagging and filing from Business Wire.

To meet the challenges of the SEC's new phased-in mandate (PDF) on filing financial data in XBRL  format, you're going to need the expertise that only Business Wire can provide.

Business Wire, an active member of the XBRL Consortium Opens in new window, has been instrumental in developing and promoting the adoption of XBRL standards. And now we're uniquely positioned to help you seamlessly implement XBRL filing on time and in a cost-effective manner.

Business Wire's XBRL team, when combined with our in-house SEC filing desk at BusinessWire.com, allows you to use a single provider for all your compliance needs.

With Business Wire, you'll learn the intricacies of the XBRL standard at the level you require. We will take you through the entire process, providing information at the pace and depth that serve you the best.

Our XBRL accountants will tag your financial statements to precisely reflect your presentation while adhering to the most current XBRL standard. We will then prepare validated instance documents for submission to the SEC.

To find out more about our XBRL services and integrated solution, please contact XBRL@BusinessWire.com or your account representative.