Press Release Builder

Use our unique step-by-step tool to build an optimized press release. Research and add important keywords to improve search engine performance.

Business Wire's exclusive Press Release Builder walks you step-by-step through the process of creating an optimized press release, ready to be found by search engines and web users. You can upload your original document and Press Release Builder will populate its headline, subhead, body and contact info fields from your original. Or build and save your press release online until it's ready to send.

The backbone of the Press Release Builder is its keyword research and placement function. Choose the keywords that search engine users might use to find your press release or other news about your company and products. The Press Release Builder lets you research those keywords' popularity to see how frequently web users are searching for them, recommends other keywords, then advises you on where and how often to place them in your press release.

The Press Release Builder is a free tool and is available when uploading your press release via Business Wire Connect.