Photos & Multimedia

Photos and videos make your headline more likely to be clicked — as much as five times more likely. Get more viewers with the Smart News Release.

Including a photo or video with your press release increases the likelihood of journalists, consumers and social media users clicking your headline. The Smart News Release helps you capture those viewers by distributing your press release and multimedia to more sites and more people using the best technology in the industry.

By placing your Smart News Release on, EON: Enhanced Online,, Yahoo! Finance, Dow Jones Marketwatch and other news sites, Business Wire provides more opportunities for your release to be clicked, viewed and shared on the most visited sites on the internet.

Photos, videos and audio files are provided in multiple formats and resolutions. The experts at our Multimedia Desk will take your original files in nearly any format and prepare them for distribution and rendering on a wide range of platforms.

Your photos are delivered directly to more than 1,100 US newspaper photo desks via the AP PhotoExpress network. Your video files are presented in an HTML5-compliant format for rendering on mobile devices, tablets as well as computers. And free NewsTrak measurement reports let you know how many people have viewed and/or downloaded your press release multimedia files.

So get your headlines noticed, and include a photo or video with your next press release.