Key audience and coverage information and in-depth viewership statistics. Business Wire's NewsTrak reports help guide your communications efforts after every press release.

Measurement is a key component of your PR campaign, and Business Wire Reach, Posting and Access reports help you gauge the success of your announcement after each press release distribution. Alternatively, opt for our NewsTrak Clips service for ongoing online monitoring.

Detail of a sample Reach report

NewsTrak Reach: Distribution Details

The Reach report provides media statistics based on your circuit order. Pie-chart graphs show a breakdown of your news release circuit(s) by newspapers, television/radio, online, magazines and trades, financial community and other audiences. Your report also contains links to the specific media lists for your order.

NewsTrak Posting: Links to Your News

The Posting report provides a snapshot of your news as it appears on key portals and news sites reaching millions of Internet users. This report enables you to click through directly to your news release on each listed site.*

* Posting reports are generated only if our system locates a minimum of five postings on tracked sites within a fixed time after your news has been issued. Because posting times vary from site to site based on their internal systems, some sites may not have posted your news by the time your NewsTrak Reach report is generated.

Detail of a sample Access report

NewsTrak Access: Online Activity

The Access report provides a summary of viewer interaction with your press release from and news pages. It includes such features as:

  • How many times your release was viewed at each site.
  • Views by registered media, unregistered media and other viewers.
  • Access by location and by referring website.
  • Search terms used to find your press release.
  • Social media submissions by users.
  • How many times your embedded links were clicked on.

Press Release ROI: White Paper

Press Release ROI: White Paper

Learn more about tying measurable views and clicks to your company's bottom line and calculating your return on marketing investment (ROMI). Download our free white paper, "Linking Press Release Output to Outcomes."