Your audiences are spread across the US and around the world, getting information increasingly through connected mobile devices, and seeking news through search and social media platforms. With our Global-Mobile-Social-Measurable (GloMoSoMe) features included with every English-language press release, we've got you covered.


Business Wire reaches media, consumers, investors and other audiences around the world via unsurpassed patented technology. Your news reaches inside newsrooms via our patented NX Network, as well as the networks of AP, AFP, Postmedia Network, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters and dozens more. Plus your news is posted to thousands of websiteson, portals and news systems accessible to audiences everywhere.


Business Wire's mobile distribution is second to none, making your news available in multiple languages worldwide, across multiple platforms, including:

  • Business Wire's mobile-optimized siteon
  • Business Wire's iPhone app
  • The AFP Mobile iPhone app
  • AP Mobile, the #1 iPhone app for news with more than 1.2 million downloads
  • Yahoo Finance! Mobile
  • Viigo, a leading BlackBerry news app
  • Bloomberg's 300,000 subscribers, ThomsonReuters' 500,000 subscribers and Morningstar's 40,000 subscribers


Just as Business Wire helps find your audience, we make it easy for your audience to find you. Your search engine optimized press release appears on the and EON: Enhanced Online Newson sites, helping boost your search engine rankings. Readers are able to share your news on more than a dozen popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and more. Your news is also fed to Twitter audiences via more than two dozen industry-specific Twitter feeds. Readers can also track your industry or company with preset or customizable RSS feeds.


Every company wants to maximize ROI. Business Wire's NewsTrak reports supply measurement data with every press release to provide you with insight into your audiences and the success of your press release strategy. NewsTrak gives you in-depth data on release views.

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