Charles Pinot Teams Up With Legendary Lobbyist Joe Kuklis to Publish DIY Guide to Political Lobbying

“The Robin Hood” of D.C. Sets Washington Ablaze

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Charles Pinot today announced the release of a new title from renowned political lobbyist Joe Kuklis, titled, “The Robin Hood of D.C., An Insider’s Guide to the Government Marketplace for Small to Medium Organizations,” a tale of lobbying told from the perspective of one of the profession’s best, available now at

“The Robin Hood of D.C., An Insider’s Guide to the Government Marketplace for Small to Medium Organizations”

In his engaging new book, Kuklis deciphers the often-confusing process of political lobbying using witty personal anecdotes as well as highlights from his decades-long career. The result is a captivating, yet clear-cut, step-by-step guide to the lobbying process from an “inside Washington” perspective. For lobbying do-it-your-selfers, “the Robin Hood of D.C.” gives a first-hand glimpse at how navigating the ins and outs of the Washington political process takes connections, finesse, and more than a little bit of persistence and patience.

Often referred to as the Robin Hood of D.C., Kuklis has spent the better part of his career thriving on the age-old motto of ‘rob from the rich and give to the poor.’ Ensconced in the political hotbed that is Washington, Kuklis lives and breathes the daily exchange that comes with knowing the difference between your allies and your adversaries – and when one may turn into the other.

From his early days as a political staffer to striking out on his own as a fledgling lobbyist working from a bedroom office, Kuklis today runs Duane Morris Government Strategies (DMGS), the lobbying arm of the venerable law firm Duane Morris LLP. He and his staff specialize in lobbying on behalf of small- to mid-sized businesses looking for funding and finances for a wide breadth of projects. His many lobbying successes range from obtaining funding for Fortune 500 companies to one-man start-ups.

“Joe is an expert lobbyist and shares his expertise in helping small- and medium-sized firms accomplish their goals on the political agenda. He is a stand-out in his profession and we’re very excited to have this new title available,” said Charles Pinot President Chris Beaver.

Complete with dozens of personal anecdotes and case studies, the “Robin Hood of D.C.” is a serious yet entertaining look at lobbying from the inside out.

“The Robin Hood of D.C.” is available from


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